Benefits of Advertising in Inflight Magazines for Advertisers

Why Advertise in an In-flight Magazine?

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In-flight magazines are a traveler’s true companion, especially during the 30 minute ascent and descent periods when all electronic devices have to be switched off. They provide huge viewership and advertisement opportunities to advertisers ensuring high brand recall.

Tangibility is the most important benefit of advertising in an in-flight magazine. Martin Lindstrom, top branding consultant, author and speaker, says that when brands appeal to more than three senses, advertising effectiveness increase by 70 per cent. Generally, readers love the feel of print, prefer the layout of print, thinking that it more effectively guides them to which content is ‘more important’ than other content. The feel of the paper, and having it in their hands give the reader a sense that the content is real, it exists.

As per a neurological research, people read 30% more slowly off the computer screen than off paper. The study revealed that with online media, they can’t size people up according to their reading material, because what they’re reading is concealed on their electronic device instead of in plain sight for all the world to see.

Another advantage of in-flight magazines, especially monthlies, is that they have a much longer shelf life than newspapers; they are often browsed through for months after publication. So your ad might have an audience for up to six months after its initial insertion. Moreover, readers spend more time per sitting with a magazine than a newspaper, so there’s more chance they will run across your ad.

With the reach of the advertisements so well guaranteed and the reader response so positive, in-flight magazines have successfully carved an identity for themselves. Keep reading this space for some interesting advertising tips in in-flight magazines.

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