Using Social Media as an Aid to In-flight Magazines

Using Social Media as an Aid to In-flight Magazine

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Change is the only constant thing in life. And with a continuous shift in media, it is our job to transform and stay ahead in our field.

In-flight magazines have always sought to understand their audience and cater to their interests. We already know that inflight magazines play an important role in entertaining the passengers. And with the new found openness of social media, it becomes imperative for in-flight magazine publishers to make use of digital media for extending its reach to all. Since each issue of an in-flight magazine is available on the website (example: Shubh Yatra & Spice Route), a traveler can continue reading the magazine on his/her electronic device, thanks to digital revolution.

With social media in a state of constant flux, in-flight magazines can now enhance their content by adding polls, videos, and a peek behind the scenes by embedding/including a QR code. This has not only strengthened the magazine’s relationships with its readers, but it also helps to position it as the ultimate source for information.

Today, in-flight magazines are using social media as a promotional tool. It’s based on the viral principle. For example, if a person shares the social media account’s promotional post, it reaches out to a vast number of people. Social media helps the message/information to spread across a broader range of people. Such creative uses of social media has increased opportunities for partners and advertisers of in-flight magazines. A published ad in an in-flight magazine maintains a digital presence forever.

It is loud and clear that print and digital media complement the failings and strengths of each medium, when used in conjunction.

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