Using Inflight Magazines for Effective Campaigns

Using Inflight Magazines for Effective Campaigns

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Marketing campaigns in inflight magazines are one of the original forms of modern advertising. Inflight magazines provide advertisers with a way to physically channel their promotional material directly in the hands of potential customers. Targetting with precision and without wastage is a key strength of inflight magazines.

In the last few years, return on investment (ROI) has become the most popular key performance indicator to evaluate the selected media mix. As per a recent survey of different mediums – magazines, newspapers, newspaper supplements, TV, radio and websites – magazines lead in terms of providing interesting information and being tailored to users’ needs. Despite having tough competition with online advertising, the print media is delivering the best returns. It means that advertisers, on average, not only earn back their advertising cost within the campaign period but also earn extra.

A campaign is considered to be significantly more effective in magazines for the following reasons:

    • A magazine has comparatively longer shelf life than any other medium which gives it an extra edge over other media channels.
    • Magazine reading has relatively low distraction. When being compared with television or radio, magazines attract the maximum attention.
    • Magazine is considered as the most action-oriented medium, followed by online medium.
    • Flexibility of campaign types (brochures, leaflets, hard inserts) is another advantage that a magazine has over many other types of mediums.
    • A campaign in magazine works regardless of electricity or internet connectivity.

There are many studies and case histories in which magazine campaigns are shown to sell products effectively and sometimes dramatically. The landmark ‘Ad Track’ survey proved that magazine advertising can generate marked increases in advertising awareness.

So, just enjoy your relationship with inflight magazines…

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