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Travel For The Plate

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A growing number of Indians have eating out at the top of their mind when making their travel plans.

Why do Indians travel? Like the rest of the world, purposes vary: see the sights, participate in adventure sports, visit heritage areas and historical sites, escape to more comfortable climes, or just to knock off a destination on their bucket list. A growing number, though, have their tummy on their mind when planning their next trip.

Say what? Yes, you heard that right! Gastronomy rules the mind – or at least, is among the key considerations – of Indians when they are planning their next trip. According to a survey by a popular travel planning and booking website, 51% of respondents said that the selection of available restaurants and the dining options were important to their overall experience, and 63% indicated that they will be planning a gastronomic getaway in 2017.

There are more interesting numbers to – well – digest. Nearly three of four participants indicated they had either planned or intended to plan a trip to a selected destination just for its food, to try the food it is famous for. Two-thirds of the participants have even more detailed plans – they will be dining at a particular restaurant in the place they plan to visit.

According to travel industry professionals, a gastronomic journey in India itself is very interesting due to the multitude of cuisines available across the country, coupled with the fact that Indians love to eat! “Be Indian, eat Indian (cuisine)” is the mantra – Indian cuisine is a clear favourite among diners, followed by Italian food. And, interestingly, just over a third of respondents choose a restaurant because of its celebrity chef.

In the fine dining options across Asia, three Indian restaurants rank among the top 25:

  • Indian Accent in New Delhi is at #13;
  • Villa Maya of Thiruvananthapuram is at #15;
  • Peshawari from Mumbai is at #25

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