Role of an In-flight Magazine

Role of an In-flight Magazine

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At a height of 30,000 ft, when the flyer has almost no connectivity with the outer world, an in-flight magazine works as a rich resource of providing the outside world’s information through its various sections. It not only informs the traveler about some lesser known destinations, but also enriches them with some excellent information about the new initiatives of an airline, new products launched by some major brands in the market, latest fashion trends, and what not.

According to the Nielsen Audio, a consumer research company in the US, more than 80 per cent of passengers read the magazines airlines place in front of them, and readers average around 30 minutes a flight with the magazines.

In an attempt to keep fliers engaged, an in-flight magazine plays a crucial role. While young readers prefer reading quirky stories, older lot look for long beautifully written stories, women want to gaze at the latest offerings by fashion brands or the recipes given in the food section, the list is endless and the responsibility is immense.


As per a domestic survey, around 30 per cent travellers carry the magazine with them while deplaning to read at leisure. Be it a leisure or business traveller, this further increases the readership of the magazine exponentially. Also, since magazines are available online (for ex., travellers can continue reading the magazine on their smartphones and other devices. This simply refers that the ambit of the in-flight magazine extends beyond the cabin.

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