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Railway Magazine – The New Advertising Medium

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As the world moves convincingly towards digital platform, the power of print can not be undermined. Even today, India remains one of the strongest print media platforms in the world with its expanding readership base, wide appeal and language reach. For every advertiser, the aim is to touch as many lives – masses and classes; ensure they know your story, (where possible) experience it and eventually be able to recall the brand without much effort.

Indian Railways is one excellent medium to ensure your brand connects with as many people. With one of the largest and well connected network that links the length and breadth of the country, it offers an audience that is diverse and aspirational. Figures reveal that as many as 18 million people travel by the Indian Railways on a daily basis, their profiles cutting across class lines. From businessmen to corporates, service class to bureaucrats and decision makers and famililes, Indian Railways is by and large the preferred mode for domestic travel.

Now imagine a magazine that offers this audience on a platter. Rail Bandhu is that one magazine that is exclusive to the Indian Railways. The only monthly magazine that is distributed onboard Indian Railways’ premium trains viz. Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express trains, it comes packed with content that cuts across genres and engages all age groups with focus on travel and lifestyle. It has all that you need to keep you company on your train journey. With a readership of over 4.9 million (49 lakh) per month, it boasts of an audience higher than any travel magazine in India.

So far, only outdoor advertising options have been explored by the advertisers. A dedicated on-board magazine is a relatively new medium but holds immense opportunity. So whether, you are looking at advertising luxury goods or consumer products, simply trying to create brand awareness, or launching a new brand, Indian Railways has the wide audience profile that your brand can connect with. Build your relationship with this medium.

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