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Inflight Magazines & Premium Advertisers

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Advertising in in-flight magazines provides a prime opportunity to reach some of the most sophisticated readers in the skies.

Goods and services market is undergoing great changes. Consumer behaviour model itself is changing rapidly. Today, consumers prefer to buy the most expensive brands. Premium class passengers include people with moderate incomes who spend their vacation abroad, lead active lifestyles, take care of their appearances, use smart phones, and have easy Internet access.

As per IATA global passenger survey 2015, during short haul travels, around 51% passengers prefer reading inflight magazines, 44% prefer watching movies or TV/iPads and remaining 36% like eating and catching up sleep.

In-flight magazines are read by a huge bandwidth of passengers from ages 18 to 70 with all kinds of professional and social status. The target audience of in-flight magazines belongs to the upper middle class and above. Many of them are eager to buy goods and services which can not only underscore their status but also bring pleasure to them. A great ad in an in-flight magazine ensures high engagement and conversion for potential buyers to buy the product.

Captive Audience

In a flight all necessary conditions are created for the passenger to read the magazine with interesting interview, articles, and stories which are proportionately filled with advertisements. As per a survey, about half of air passengers read the magazine from cover to cover. This makes in-flight magazines a perfect advertisement platform.

Ample Time to see an Advertisement

Time is an advertisers’ biggest enemy. In an aircraft, passengers are strapped in a seat at 37,000 feet above sea level and have enough time to absorb the advertising messages that they are presented with in the in-flight magazine.

The readership profile of such a magazine includes affluent businessmen and entrepreneurs, high-end tourists, senior corporate executives, successful professionals, decision makers and influencers, and thus offers very high reach to the advertisers.

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