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Engaging Frequent Flyers

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Frequent flyer pie chart

Frequent flyers are defined as the affluent and upscale travelers who take multiple trips per year and account for a majority of airport advertising impressions. They are professionals with sophisticated tastes and this make them attractive consumers for myriad of products, including high-end personal goods and business-to-business services.

According to a custom research study, in-flight magazines are widely read by frequent flyers. Around 90 percent of them read or look through the airline’s inflight magazine. Being in a closed environment make them to read the in-flight magazine more closely than magazines they pick up at other locations. Around 44 per cent of them prefer to utilise the time for doing work on their smartphone/laptop or for games.

In flight magazines understand that frequent flyers are not only upscale professionals, they are also busy people who devote and have less time for traditional media. This limitation makes the role of inflight magazine all the more important and plays the role of advertising vehicles for exclusive products and services that have limit commercial exposure.

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