Effective Advertising in In-flight Magazines

Effective Advertising

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In one of our previous posts, we talked about the benefits of advertising in an in-flight magazine. It is a valuable marketing tool used by all major brands for reaching out to a wide network of people. Apart from this, in-flight magazines, relatively, have a longer shelf-life. While advertising in an in-flight magazine, there are few points that need to be taken care of.

The most important thing in print advertising is identification of the brand. A strong visual is perhaps the single most important weapon a magazine has in gaining and capturing reader’s attention. Some marketing gurus believe that the straightforward rule for magazine is, bigger the picture, the better. Ads using visuals that are 2/3 of a page perform best. The text element is also believed to be key in capturing consumers’ attention. It has been argued that the headline is the vital part of print advertisements and it’s a crime to run an advertisement without a headline.

The Perfect Combo

A bold graphic and an interesting headline help to make a connection with readers immediately. The graphic and headline must come together to pinpoint a problem and offer a solution to the reader.


Keep the target audience in mind while developing the tone and look of an advertisement. Avoid using dull colours or tiny pictures, for they take attention away from the advertisement. Human eye is generally attracted to things that have the brightest colours. According to marketing consultant and author Holly Buchanan, women respond better to layouts that flow images together, while men prefer their information organised into defined sections. A custom publishing house provides effective solution to all designing & layout related problems.

No matter which magazine you choose to advertise in, the message needs to be strong and eye-catching. You only have a few seconds to grab the readers’ attention and pull them in to read the rest of the ad.

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